Corona Virus: A threat to cyber-security?

Corona Virus: A threat to cyber-security?

Possible cyber-security risks due to COVID-19 are as follows:

  • PHISHING/ EMAIL FRAUD: On the web, email, informing, and phone tricks and extortion (for example mock sites, phishing messages and social designing tricks) that imitate government offices, controllers, medicinal services associations and specialized help staff and organization adventure fears and vulnerabilities about the pandemic.
  • TECHNICAL VULNERABILITIES: Misuse of unpatched basic vulnerabilities and inappropriate designs of gadgets, equipment, programming and administrations
  • MALWARE: Malware(is a short form of malicious software) like Ransomware. Malware is the general term covering various types of threats and risks to computer safety.
  • VIDEO CONFERENCING RISKS: Hacking of improperly configured video conferencing and phone calls and assaults on remote work area applications.
  • SQL INJECTIONS: Cyber-criminals use the SQL (Structured Language Query) statement to insert malicious code into data-driven applications.

Recommendations to help organizations manage COVID-19 cyber risk:

  • Encourage automatically and continuously updating software and operating system to benefit from the latest security patches.
  • Use properly configured and protected anti-virus, anti-phishing software, anti-malware software, and all the best technologies for protection and detection of all the threats and risks.
  • Use complex passwords/passphrases and multi-factor authentication(MFA).
  • Encourage the implementation of Zero-Trust protocols(decide not to trust anyone or anything outside your organization parameter).
  • Encourage the use of VPNs(Virtual Private Network).




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Kanishka Sharma

Kanishka Sharma

Exploring and learning!

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